アメリカ・ニューヨーク州 “Kinosaito Arts Center” で行われる、菊地麻衣子の個展&パフォーマンス「Note from a Sheep I Met at the Dawn」の音楽を担当します。菊地麻衣子さんは、青木慶則の2nd Album「Flying Hospital」のジャケットやMV、Official FanSite “Air Lounge Flyyinn”のアートワークを手がけています。そして現在、レジデンスアーティストとして、6/23〜7/20までKino Saito Arts Centerに住み込み、アート作品の制作、ワークショップ、展示、さらに7/13と7/20にはパフォーマンスを行うようです。音楽はおもにパフォーマンスで使用される予定です。


Music composer : Yoshinori Aoki
Sound designer : Sean Devare
Production manager : Taylor Wood

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Kino Saito Arts Center
115 7th St, Verplanck, NY 10596 US

Note from a Sheep I Met at the Dawn
A Performance by Maiko Kikuchi


The performance consists of six short vignettes, with each of the scenes lasting for 3-5 minutes. Maiko Kikuchi is a solo performer in a business suit with a pair of glasses. In the performance, pre-recorded narration of the story, which sounds like the characters’ diary, is played for each vignette. These stories sound like nonsense, as if Maiko had noted down the dream she had. Using props and ordinary materials, she follows these “notes” to create a surrealistic world in space.

The performance starts in the neutral white space (studio 1), but as the performance continues, it will turn into an installation full of visible daydreams. After the fifth “note”, there will be an interactive moment where each audience member gets an envelope. Inside the envelope, a note says “follow the footsteps now.” The audience will be guided to another performance space (studio 2) by following footsteps made of cut sheets installed on the hallway floor.In the second space, the installation work/stage set will already be set up, and the last vignette will be performed there.

After the performance, the installations created through the performance will remain on view as the final form of the exhibition. For the exhibition the recorded performance will be shown as video on a monitor, so that the visitors can get to see the history behind each object/art works in the exhibition.

Maiko’s coherent theme is creating visible daydreams to share with audiences. In this performance, audiences will witness the creation of the daydreams by watching the performance and experiencing the surreal worlds created through the installation. Maiko’s character in a business suit is a metaphor for reality or common sense in a human society. On the other hand, the stories the character follows are notes from an invisible sheep that is a metaphor for dreams. By having her follow the notes, the realistic world is gradually disassembled and reassembled as a dream world, asking the audience where is the boundary between reality and dreams?